20 Toys Made in the USA: Supporting Local Businesses and Economy

Toys made in the USA are becoming increasingly popular as more and more people are looking to support local businesses and economy. At Oompa, we like to offer our customers the opportunity to do the same by providing a collection of toys made in the USA by customer favorites such as Uncle Goose, eco-kids and Beka. Little Tikes, headquartered in Hudson, Ohio, specializes in super-tough toys and furniture for children. Step2 has two manufacturing plants in the United States, both located in Ohio, where a large selection of its plastic toys are manufactured.

Green Toys, Uncle Goose, Luke's Toy Factory, Maple Landmark, Roy Toy, Land of Dough, Crazy Aaron's are some of the most popular US-made toys. When it comes to buying American goods, it can be quite challenging to find toys that meet safety standards and are also eco-friendly. Fortunately, there are some brands that have proven their commitment to American manufacturing. Little Colorado manufactures furniture for children as well as play kitchens, throw carts, doll cribs, play stands and LEGO-compatible play tables.

Eco-friendly and American-made, these fun toys are puzzle and truck combos that kids love to play with. Wikki Stix is a shaping toy made of knitting yarn and non-toxic wax that can be molded into almost anything. The Spooner appeared on Shark Tank and has received multiple awards such as ASTRA Best Toys for Kids and Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year. Made with recycled milk jugs, California-based company manufactures everything from baby rattles to bath toys and garbage trucks.

Here is a list of 20 of the most prominent companies that still make their toys in the United States: Green Toys, Uncle Goose, Luke's Toy Factory, Maple Landmark, Roy Toy, Land of Dough, Crazy Aaron's, Little Tikes, Step2, Little Colorado, Eco-Kids, Beka, Wikki Stix, The Spooner and more. When shopping for American-made toys for your children or grandchildren you can rest assured that they will meet safety standards and be eco-friendly. Not only that but you will also be supporting local businesses and economy.

Sabrina Leman
Sabrina Leman

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