Who is the World's Largest Toy Seller?

When it comes to the world's largest toy seller, Mattel, Inc. takes the top spot. This Fortune 500 company, founded in 1945 in California, is renowned for its iconic toys and has the highest market capital of any toy company. McDonald's is the largest toy retailer in the world, and by far.

Hamleys on Regent Street is the oldest and biggest toy store in the world, with seven floors full of toys, games, crafts and magic tricks. People from all over the globe come to this magical store to buy gifts for their little ones. The staff often dress up in costumes for entertainment, and there are always plenty of toy demonstrations and craft activities to try before buying. The first Happy Meal was called “The Circus Wagon Happy Meal” and included a template, wallet and a spinning top.

Later on, heirloom toys such as Hello Kitty, Furby, Tamagotchi, Hamburglar and Grimace were added to the meal. Toys R Us (then called Children's Bargintown) was the first to advertise Happy Meals in print ads in the 1950s. Other fast-food chains have also included toys in their children's meals over the years, such as Sonic Drive-In, Burger King, Subway and Wendy's. Today's Happy Meal toys are often part of a marketing relationship with an existing TV show, movie or toy brand.

They usually come in a red box with a yellow smiley face and the McDonald's logo. The toys are usually interactive play pieces made with plant-derived or recycled materials. McDonald's has reached a threshold of producing 1.5 billion toys a year and distributing them worldwide (far more than Hasbro and Mattel). In the UK and Ireland, McDonald's restaurants only offer soft toys, paper toys or books. Amazon boxes may be more attractive than Happy Meal boxes but McDonald's still remains the world's largest toy seller.

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