The Best Toys for Kids: A Guide for Parents

As parents, it can be difficult to know what toys are best for our children. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide which toys will provide the most benefit and enjoyment for our little ones. Fat Brain Toys is here to help you find amazing toys and gifts for adults and children of all ages. We believe that it is important to give free rein to children to explore and play without expectation or limitation.

When it comes to toys, there is practically no limit to the selection available. A play kitchen, a doll house or a LEGO box are all great open-ended basic toys that can provide hours of entertainment. Wooden blocks are also a great choice as they can be used throughout elementary school. Having a set (or two) of small animals is also an excellent open clutch toy that can be used in sensory containers, art projects, and any imaginary play world your child can think of.

A doll house is a great way to encourage imaginative play and practice social stories at home. Toys that offer surprises are often a hit with curious babies, such as the classic Playskool Poppin' Pals or a box of plastic eggs that open to reveal different colors and faces. The Fisher-Price Rockit Dance and Groove toy allows your little one to control the melodies, choosing from the alphabet to fun instrumental music. We've interviewed experts, talked to parents and children, and researched and tested hundreds of toys, games, and other equipment to find special gifts for toddlers and teens.

This year, the most popular toys are focused on getting your kids active, getting their brains engaged, and reducing their screen time. Role toys such as a multi-storey wooden doll house, a small tool bench or a mix-and-match cupcake set can inspire a lot of imagination and fun. Younger children need toys that encourage problem-solving, exploration and development of fine motor strength, not to mention creativity, imaginary play, and self-esteem. We think you'll love how easy it is for the toy to clip onto a stroller so your little one can also play on the go.

But having some toys that they can play with is a great way to familiarize them in an organic, practical and game-based way. This animatronic toy has more than 40 sounds and movements, and comes with multiple treats that your children will love to feed. Realistic looking toys that look like adult objects are also a solid choice as babies grow as they want to mimic what they see their parents do. One of the best toys for kids today is one that gets them active outdoors while also being fantastic for kids with lower body mobility issues. We received responses from hours about what game this YouTuber loves, what toy that TikTokker is playing and what toy this Twitch streamer just reviewed.

These toys are there to entertain your child instead of your child entertaining himself.

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