Who is the Biggest Toy Manufacturer in the World?

Ranked number one on our list is Mattel, Inc.. This Fortune 500 company is one of the largest, if not the largest, toy manufacturers in the world and has the highest market capital of any toy company. Founded in 1945 in California, Mattel has become a name synonymous with toys. Mattel creates some of the most innovative toys that inspire, entertain and develop children through play.

They have one of the strongest family and children's entertainment franchise catalogs in the world. Lego has had a good run in recent years. The Danish manufacturer has outperformed Mattel, the maker of Barbie and Hot Wheels, to become the most profitable toy company in the world, according to Quartz. Last year, Lego took the number two spot from Hasbro, which produces everything from Nerf guns to My Little Pony, Transformers, Jenga, Clue and Monopoly.

Clementoni is another major player in the toy industry. They offer all kinds of toys from baby toys to educational games to scientific games. Larian Studios is a toy brand that was created on YouTube and promoted through influencers. The mastermind behind Bratz was a toy designer who had previously worked with Barbies at Mattel and wanted to create his own line of dolls one day.

The pandemic brought demand from toy companies to unprecedented heights. On a trip to Europe, Handler discovered a German toy doll called Bild Lilli that represented a “working girl” from a comic strip who was described as daring, ambitious and “a gold digger, exhibitionist and tart”. If you don't consider Disney an entertainment conglomerate, then Hasbro is one of the most recognized names in the toy industry and one of the biggest. Hasbro is known for making extraordinary toys that have left a mark on the childhood years of many people around the world.

The European market is also a major shareholder in the global market for toy companies. The German toy company has been operating in this market for more than a century. Thanks to its incredible toy set, Lego has become a legendary brand - the greatest achievement for any of these toy companies. All of this is possible thanks to the efforts of leading toy companies that deliver products around the world.

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