The Best Selling Toys of All Time: A Comprehensive Guide

When it comes to toys, there are some that stand the test of time and become the best-selling of all time. From Barbie dolls to Play-Doh, Matchbox Cars to Tonka Trucks, Hula Hoops to Frisbees, and Buzz Lightyear to Star Wars figures, these toys have been loved by children for generations. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the most popular and best-selling toys of all time, from the classic to the modern. Barbie dolls have been a mainstay of popular culture for more than 50 years, and with over a billion dolls sold, it's no surprise that Barbie is one of the most recognizable and best-selling toys in history.

The Sylvanian Families suburban house has also been a hit with devoted children's collectors, and it's infamous for sparking family arguments. The Game Boy was a revolutionary device when it was first released in Japan in April 1989, allowing us to play favorites like Mario Kart and Donkey Kong on the go. Since then, 180 million Nintendo games have been sold worldwide. The Bratz dolls produced by MGA Entertainment also faced healthy competition from Barbie in the early nineties, with 150 million dolls sold worldwide since they came on the scene in 2001.

Star Wars

figures have also been stratospheric since their first release in the 1970s, with £10 billion worth of figures sold worldwide.

The recent restart of the film franchise and films such as The Last Jedi have contributed to this success. The yo-yo is another toy that has stood the test of time, with its invention dating back about 2,500 years ago. It's really impossible to know how many yo-yos have been produced since then, but anything with that staying power should be considered one of the best-selling toys in history. The Easy-Bake oven was first released in 1963 and has since sold more than 30 million ovens on its 50th anniversary, along with another 150 million blending refills.

Silly Putty eggs were invented by Scottish engineer James Wright in 1943 and since then over 300 million eggs have been sold worldwide. The Rubik's Cube was invented by Hungarian inventor Ernö Rubik in 1974 but not licensed for sale until 1980. Since then, more than 350 million cubes have been sold worldwide. Kenner's Star Wars action figures were first released in 1978 and over 300 million figures have been sold since then.

Finally, the Hula Hoop is considered to be the first major fashion toy and has sold over 175 million devices since it first hit the market in 1960. These are just some of the best-selling toys of all time that have stood the test of time and published staggering numbers in the process. They can teach us a lot about how to approach selling our products or services.

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