Who is the Biggest Toy Seller in the World?

Since its launch of the Happy Meal, McDonald's has become the largest toy distributor in the world. Every year, they distribute an impressive 1.5 billion toys to people all over the globe. But, if you're looking for the best toy store on the planet, you'll have to travel to London and visit Hamleys on Regent Street. This store is officially the oldest and largest toy store in the world, with seven floors full of toys, games, crafts, and magic tricks.

People from all over come to this magical store to find gifts for their little ones. When you visit Hamleys, you'll be greeted by staff dressed up in costumes for entertainment. There are always plenty of toy demonstrations and craft activities so you can try before buying. Plus, if you're looking for furniture or other accessories for dollhouses, you can find brands like Real Good Toys, Reutter, Corona Concepts, Greenleaf, and Bespaq. If you're looking for something a bit more unique, Kid's Cavern offers one of the widest varieties of branded children's toys and clothing imaginable. But what makes this store stand out is its incredible design, displays, and decorations.

You can also find toys related to characters like Hello Kitty and Peanuts. Of course, no list of toy stores would be complete without mentioning LEGO. The world's fourth-largest toy manufacturer has stores located around the world. For example, their LEGO store in New York City offers their largest Pick-a-Brick Wall. Plus, there are LEGOland discovery centers in countries like Germany, Canada, and Japan. Children can interact with staff who teach them about toys and do magic tricks and puppet shows.

Whether you're looking for something from Fisher-Price or Disney or something from their unique toy line, you can find it at Hamleys. The demise of Toys R Us gave Walmart the opportunity to reinforce its leadership in the toy industry. Walmart has committed to expanding shelf space for toys this year. Plus, Amazon has released a digital version of a toy catalog every year called its Christmas Toy List which shows the newest and most desired new and best-selling toys for the holiday gift season. One of the most iconic toys of all time is Rubik's Cube. This puzzle challenges exist today as fans and competitors compete for the best time to solve it (3.47 seconds by Yusheng Du).

Even when popularity decreases, it reaches a new generation and sales skyrocket once again. Finally, Bonecas Hospital in Lisbon Portugal may not be the largest toy store in the world but it is undoubtedly one of the most imaginative. Each generation can share that special toy they remember by begging their parents or receiving it as a gift on Christmas or a birthday.

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