Who is the Biggest Toy Retailer in the US?

Walmart is the largest toy retailer in the United States. Last year, it doubled its efforts to capture more of this market, adding more than 1,000 new toys to its selection during the holidays, offering exclusive products and competing more on price. Amazon is the second largest online toy retailer after Walmart. This online store is packed with millions of quality toys from a variety of different brands and at several different prices.

American Girl Place in Chicago, Illinois, is the first store to focus specifically on these popular American creations. OP Taylor is one of the dominant online toy stores in the South and USA Today labels it as one of the best toy stores in the world. Buy toys purchased directly from their site and you are guaranteed to access their latest offers before they hit the shelves. If there is ever a problem, customers can also return ordered toys that they do not meet their expectations using the website's simple online returns portal.

Disney Store is a great option for those who like toys based on Disney movies. Collectors and children who buy their first dollhouse will find what they are looking for in this store dedicated entirely to the creation and sale of doll houses and their related accessories. Stores opened through a joint venture between retail startup as a service b8ta and the holding company that owns the intellectual property of Toys R Us are also low-risk. The toys offered in the online store are not only a source of fun for children, but also help in their psychological and educational development.

Action figures are one of the best toys for children to awaken creativity and encourage imaginative thinking through play.

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