Exploring the Largest Toy Stores Around the World

Are you looking for the biggest and best toy stores in the world? From Hamleys in London to LARK Toys in Minnesota, there are plenty of incredible places to explore. Whether you're searching for the latest from Fisher-Price, Disney, Hot Wheels and LeapFrog or unique LEGO models, these stores have something for everyone. Read on to discover the world's largest toy stores and what makes them so special. Hamleys is the largest toy store in the world. Located in London, England, this store has been putting smiles on children's faces for more than 250 years.

It offers almost any LEGO toy set imaginable, as well as some of the largest LEGO models ever created, such as an underground railway, Big Ben, the London Underground map and even William Shakespeare. Kids can also find furniture and accessories for their dollhouses from brands like Real Good Toys, Reutter, Corona Concepts, Greenleaf and Bespaq. Kid's Cavern is another great option for those looking for a wide variety of branded toys and children's clothing. This store is best known for its incredible design, displays and decorations.

FAO Schwarz may no longer be operating, but it's worth taking a trip down memory lane to see its collection of antique toys housed in small, brightly painted shop windows. LARK Toys in Kellogg, Minnesota is known for its wooden toys. It offers a wide variety of traditional and interactive toys, as well as stuffed animals from regular teddy bears to more exotic creatures like turtles and dolphins. The world's fourth-largest toy manufacturer is LEGO.

It has stores located around the world, such as New York City where its LEGO store offers the company's largest Pick-a-Brick Wall. There are also LegoLand discovery centers in countries like Germany, Canada and Japan. Finally, Bonecas Hospital in Lisbon, Portugal may not be the biggest toy store in the world but it is certainly one of the most imaginative. No matter where you are in the world, there are plenty of incredible toy stores to explore. From Hamleys in London to LARK Toys in Minnesota, these stores offer something for everyone.

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